Uri Avnery –First part of: Bibi, Hitler and the Mufti

by  Uri Avnery,   … with Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

[ Editor’s note: My my, Uri is fired up at the slight given to his holocaust, by none other than the Exploiteer the Magnificent, Bibi Netanyahu. While denouncing Bibi for being insane, he is coming to the party late, as Bibi and those like him were elected by Zionists, the people who have holocausted the Palestinians to the best of their ability.

I share Uri’s concern that many of the Likuds would set the gas chambers up in two seconds if the AIPAC lobby assured them they could quash a move in Congress to cut Israel’s funding. He won’t call the Likuds Zio-Nazis, but I would. Nothing Uri calls them bothers them a bit.

But he does give us a good lecture on the Jerusalem history of the Mufti in question, a minor aberrant official of his age when they were a dime a dozen. We agree he was a footnote in history. But while Uri is scholarly in debunking historical exaggerations, he will not lay a glove on his most cherished one — that of Jewish victim supremacy during WWII, when 50 million were killed, but only the death of Jews was “the” tragedy.

While he mentions the massive scholarship on the subject, he leaves out the long list of holocaust debunkings that someone at his level should know, and probably do… like the human soap and the lampshades made out of skin, most of these stories created by the adept British psyops people during the War.


David Irving dug up a mistakenly declassified document, where the psyops group had ordered their field people to break all links and destroy all their paperwork, as the “gas chambers thing was getting out of hand”. Irving became a marked man for his unrelenting exposures like this.

Are Jew who pitch the 6 million number insane Uri?
Are Jews who pitch the 6 million number insane, Uri?

But my dear Uri, why will you never own up to knowing anything about the Auschwitz plaques being reduced from 4 million to one million and change? For honest historians, this would have brought the 6 million number down to 3 million… but it didn’t in this case.

Why won’t you fill us in on why international Jewry did not celebrate there being 3 million fewer Jews killed? I have rubbed this little math quiz in a lot of faces over the years and am hated by all the right people for doing so.

After all, the numbers that ended up applying for holocaust compensation were so large that they were way beyond what was statistically justified, if that many had really died.

So why did not all of the scholarly Jews get their calculators out and recheck the numbers? You and I both know the answer to this, but I tell people, and you won’t, because that puts you in Bibi’s camp a bit. 

The hyped numbers were used to boost special treatment for the Jewish Displaced Persons (DPs) after WWII, for emigration westward and to Palestine, and later compensation that none of the other victims of WWII were ever entitled to — forming what I refer to as the cult of victim supremacy.

The cult of the holocaust in the modern world is far beyond what ISIL dishes out to those who won’t convert to their branch of extremism or agree to marry their rapist.

Across the world now, your beloved Zionist supporters have been working to pass laws that any criticism of Israel be categorized as incitement to hatred of all Jews, a felony with a five year term.

You are in your 90’s now. You still have time to pony up to the table and come clean. We even did a nice piece on Nobel Prize winner in literature, Gunter Grass, this past week where he told all about being a young teen in the Waffen SS at the end of the war.

If we are going to barbecue Bibi for being a ruthless exploiter of Jewish WWII dead, why not make the party a big one and make it an open house event where we go after all the others? We will invite all of you “Auschwitz Deniers” who think that 6 minus three still equals 6… because it is politically profitable for you to do so… Jim W. Dean ]

– First published  …  October 31, 2015 –

Bibi, Hitler and the Mufti

It is not very pleasant when serious people around the world – historians, psychiatrists, diplomats – ask themselves if my prime minister Bibi is completely sane. But this is happening now. And not only abroad. More and more people in Israel are asking themselves the same question.

All this is the result of one event. But people are now looking at many other events – past and present – in a new light.

Until now, many strange actions and utterances by Binyamin Netanyahu have been seen as the manipulations of a clever politician, a talented demagogue who knows the soul of his constituents and supplies them with ample lies.

Not anymore. A troubling suspicion is getting around: that our prime minister has serious mental problems. Is he losing his marbles?

It all started two weeks ago, when Netanyahu made a speech to a world-wide Zionist assembly. What he said was shocking. Adolf Hitler, he pontificated, did not really want to exterminate the Jews. He just wanted to expel them. But then he met the Mufti of Jerusalem, who convinced him to “burn” the Jews. Thus the Holocaust was born.

The conclusion? Hitler was not so bad after all. The Germans are not really to blame. It was the Palestinians who were the instigators of the murder of six million Jews.

If the subject had been different, this speech could be considered as one of the usual lies and falsifications typical of Netanyahu. Hitler was really not so bad, the Palestinians are to blame, the Mufti was the forerunner of Mahmoud Abbas. Just a routine piece of political propaganda. 

Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Holocaust Revisionist (or Denier)

Benjamin Netanyahu just unintentionally messed the Zionist project up by saying that Hitler had no intention of exterminating the Jews in Germany. Netanyahu said:

“Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here (to Palestine).’ According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: ‘What should I do with them?’ and the mufti replied, ‘Burn them

The Mufti gets his photo op with HitlerHaj-Amin-al-Husseini

End of part one


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1 thought on “Uri Avnery –First part of: Bibi, Hitler and the Mufti

  1. 2 points are germane here. First, the Jews themselves know their holocaust story is a swindle. All one needs to do is to check the numbers that the Jews themselves have published for world Jewish population in 1939, and as of 1947. One does not find a large reduction in world Jewish population as one would expect if this holocaust really occurred.

    Second, the real holocaust was the deaths of millions of Germans, most of which occurred after the end of the war in May, 1945 due to Allied occupation policies and atrocities (including the mass expulsions from the East). More folks are coming to see this and are rejecting the Jewish whining over their holocaust (which is just fake history).


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